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    About Power Capital Group

    Power Capital Group managing partners Thomas Khammar and Brent Parsons have been in business together since 2007. Today their initial company, Power Property Management, is a thriving mid-sized property management firm covering the greater Los Angeles market. They successfully manage some 3,000 units from Long Beach to the Valley. More recently the company expanded its business to the Spokane, Washington area.

    With Power Capital Group, we are building on our proven success in both the California and Washington real estate markets to offer you the most lucrative syndication opportunities available. Our ability to find, rehab, and manage properties with the most potential means that as a syndication partner, you’ll receive not only immediate cash flow but your chosen property will continually increase in value, bringing you a substantial return on your investment in the long run.
    Unlike retail investments, which are more heavily regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, institutional investments tend to have more leeway with how, when, and where they invest.

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