Meet the Power Capital Group Team

Power Capital Group managing partners Thomas Khammar and Brent Parsons have been in business together since 2007. Today their initial company, Power Property Management, is a thriving mid-size property management firm covering the greater Los Angeles market. They successfully manage some 3,000 units from Long Beach to the Valley. More recently the company expanded its business to the Spokane, Washington area.

With Power Capital Group, we are building on our proven success in both the California and Washington real estate markets to offer you the most lucrative syndication opportunities available. Our ability to find, rehab and manage properties with the most potential means that as a syndication partner, you’ll receive not only immediate cash flow, but your chosen property will continually increase in value, bringing you a substantial return on your investment in the long run.
Thomas Khammar
managing partner
Thomas Khammar, managing partner of Power Capital Group, possesses a wealth of experience in all facets of real estate. He prides himself on his strong skills as a problem solver and negotiator who can find the win-win in every situation. His expansive network of contacts allows Thomas to quickly address any problem, from the simplest ask to the most complex and demanding issue. He finds meeting these challenges is the most rewarding aspect of his work.

When it comes to dealing with investors, owners, property managers and tenants, Thomas’s strong legal background is of great value. He is able to interpret various local laws, which enables him to properly adhere to a wide range of rules and regulations when overseeing syndication deals.

Thomas refers to himself as a “family guy.” He loves spending time with his beautiful wife and three children, especially when they have an opportunity to travel the world. Thomas is also a big fan of the 49ers, Lakers, Dodgers and LAFC.
Brent Parsons
managing partner
Power Capital Group managing partner Brent Parsons has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, handling everything from real estate sales, property management, and syndication. His ability to multi-task, while addressing problems big and small, enables him to deliver superior customer service, while gaining the confidence of investors, owners and tenants. When collaborating on a syndication opportunity, Brent’s priority is making sure an investor’s assets are protected throughout the entire process.

Brent strongly believes in setting clear expectations and maintaining an open channel of communication. This focus has led to his wide-ranging network of professional relationships. When it comes to consistent updates, Brent keeps all parties in the loop, whether the news is good or bad. It’s by consistently addressing every issue that Brent builds trust with his many business partners.

Brent has a California Broker License and received his Bachelor’s degree in business management from Washington State University. When he’s not hard at work, Brent enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and traveling.

Vision, Mission & Values

The mission of Power Capital Group is to offer investors a low-risk strategy to create a passive income stream that will diversify their portfolio and yield impressive results. By managing projects from start to finish, Power Capital Group makes it easy for investors of various income levels to become partners in our syndication deals. When we help clients pool their financial resources with other like-minded investors, we are perfectly situated and strongly motivated to ensure the investment performs well for everyone involved.

Our proven success in the Los Angeles, CA and Spokane, WA real estate market has given us the tools to find, rehab and manage those properties with the most opportunity. This means that as a syndication partner, you’ll receive not only immediate cash flow in terms of rental income, but your chosen property will continually increase in value, bringing you a substantial return on your investment in the long run.

Trust is a core value for Power Capital Group. When you invest with us, you can feel confident we will take our fiduciary stewardship of your money seriously and always do what is best for you and your interests.

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